I'm a college student and want to study abroad.

  • Junior college students have great potential, when junior college students in China enter the higher education or employment barriers more, junior college students can quickly improve the degree, read straight master.

I am an undergraduate student and want to improve my degree.

  • I am an undergraduate student and want to improve my degree.

Overseas students for master's degree.

  • Overseas students for master's degree.

High school graduates want to study abroad.

  • Overseas students for master's degree.

Because the language is not good, want to read the language want to read the language

  • Overseas students for master's degree.Overseas students for master's degree.

Want to study abroad, compare too much, do not know how to choose.

  • Overseas students for master's degree.Overseas students for master's degree.
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  • Upgrade Ben shuo only
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Advantages of studying abroad

International studies

Education has a high quality level in the world, recognized by international examination bodies, and recognized by international degree institutions.

The graduation pass rate is high

The admission conditions are very human, professional guidance in terms of language requirements, one-stop guidance paper and academic promotion, to improve the graduation pass rate.

Tuition is reasonable

The degree is high in value, the salary class expense, the excellent person obtains the high scholarship.

IGraduate degree

Degree obtained by the graduate school China education service center certification degree, degree international recognition, enjoy various kinds of returnee policy subsidies.

Study abroad features

Ensuring the quality of teaching throughout

Take credit according to laws and regulations

The whole course of academic instruction improves the language

Domestic student aid to improve graduation rate

Get one-to-one private exclusivity for free
Recruitment teacher service

Seize the opportunity, there are few places left, excellent admissions teacher with application scholarship.

Submit your application online

Hot schools

Gao shengben: university of mountains, holy university, andong university of science.
Shengben: university of mountains, dangguo university, holy university.
Ben shengshuo: college of Oriental culture, university of mountains, NIDA, China university, city university of macau.
Doctor: university of the mountains, university of Oriental culture

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What can I do for you?

We are customizing degree courses for overseas students to meet the needs of scholars. We guarantee each student's study result and graduation pass rate. The whole service of the teaching service team is a bridge between students and the school, which guarantees students' interests. Regular language and paper guidance to help students to truly improve their knowledge and academic level. To help students obtain a high-value international degree at minimal cost. The university is recommended by China ministry of education (MOE).

Personalized degree promotion

On the basis of the requirements of laws and regulations, customize courses that meet the characteristics of Chinese overseas students.

Guaranteed admission and graduation pass rate

Foreign Alma mater regularly receives credits, domestic training, work and study.

No language barriers

Zero basic language study, professional team service, guarantee learning.

International courses

International perspective, recognized by international testing institutions.

About elite websites

Founded by alumni and teachers of universities such as Peking University and tsinghua university;The aim is to let all aspiring successful people study international courses, improve their international vision, obtain a degree from overseas returnees, get together and fly away the dream!Potential of the idea of "confluence of the sea, and set the prairie ablaze thinking" under the guidance of this principle, all students can attend here customization degree, enhance exchanges, learning and the ability of independent thinking, learn from others good ideas, value, let oneself various aspects quality, ability, career rise in communication and cooperation.

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